Wednesday, March 5, 2003

Death of the Left or No War For Oil

I mean can you think of anything more pathetic than a Marxist who is backing religious fundamentalists who wish for their passing, all because they’re under the illusion that if the West/United States is weakened their prospects for ascendancy increase. How pathetic.

And of course now we are seeing the “No War For Oil” buttons. How reminiscent of the old “No War for Standard Oil” slogans seen during WWI and WWII, before dear old Adolph declared war on Uncle Joseph.

There’s a lot of reasons to be against the war but oil isn’t one of them. Of all the arguments against the war in Iraq – and there are some excellent ones – this is the silliest. If we wanted oil we would lift the embargo against Iraq and get tons of oil. [The only way that oil has any impact in this situation is that oil wealth is what gives Saddam access to weapons of mass destruction.]