Thursday, July 21, 2005

Death to the Hog

Matt Taibbi (NY PRess July 20-26, 2005) spews venom at Karl Rove but never, in the whole article, does he give his reasons for why Karl Rove is to be so hated. What are Rove's transgressions? What has he done to engender such hatred? Why is he a "vile, scum-sucking pig of a human being"?

I have to say that I thoroughly dislike this form of journalism, in which the author presents his opinion but doesn't ground them in facts. Which actions did Rove take that are worthy of hatred? Or are we now on the road to civil war -- where your political adversaries morph into the devil incarnate?

People disagree over taxes, abortion, gay rights, the war in Iraq. I'm pro-choice and pro-gay marriage. My views and my positions ought to be respected by those who disagree with me. Just as I ought to respect others who disagree with me on taxes or drug laws or what-have-you.

So Matt -- what specifically has Karl Rove done, aside from being excellent at his job in promoting a conservative agenda, that deserves such venom.

By the way, it is doubtful that he did anything remotely criminal in the Plane affair.


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