Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maxine Waters will Socialize .. um Nationalize the Oil Industry

So, what again is the difference between liberals and socialists? Here it is plain and simple. If Maxine Waters is a liberal then there is no difference between liberals and socialists except perhaps the means to accomplish their goals. The end is the same: a top-down government control of industry; a country which is not limited by the archaic declarations set forth by death 18th C slaveholders who had no knowledge or appreciation of the problems faced by 21st C people.

Maxine Waters 1:10

And guess what this liberal would be all about?
This liberal will be about socialising

uh uh

Will be about basically taking over and the government running all of your companies.
If you are a liberal and do not consider yourself to be a socialist; if you consider nationalizing an industry to be immoral, unconstitutional, foolish, counter-productive and an example of socialist thinking how can you in a clear conscience not recoil at the fact that Maxine Waters calls herself a liberal?

A good counter-argument to the above is the question "Does promoting the nationalizing of an industry mean that its propenents are socialists?" No, of course not. It makes one a collectivist and not necesarily a socialist. I think it is clear, however, that Maxine Waters is on the International Socialist end of things, not a National Socialist, nor a theocrat.

And if you think people on the left think she's a nutcase go to
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