Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rifqa Bary needs your support.

Now, as an atheist, why should I care? Why would I bother spending my time promoting her cause? Because I believe in individual freedom. If one cannot express ones belief, especially in something as banal as professing a belief in Christ, then what is America? Where is the First Amendment?

To anyone who proclaims any love of individual liberty or even that bastardized concept "civil rights" (after all what rights do you have as being part of a group do you not have as an individual?) how could one not be outraged at the process and most disturbingly, the lack of media attention?

It is disturbing for the future of this country that this story is mainly found in the Christian media. It once again promotes the view that the Left can tolerate the intolerable from other religions but has nothing but disdain for Christianity. If ever there is to be a rise of a militant Christianity it will be exacerbated because of the disgusting behavior of the left, especially those fools in the media.

I promote this alternative story, that a girl from a fundamentalist Christian sect converted to Islam (or even better - denied the existence of God); that she left home because of fear of physical reprisal from her parents and people associated with her religion. Do you not think we would all know her name, the brave little girl who rejected an intolerant religion and just wanted to live in peace elsewhere? Do you not think that this story would be repeated over and over ad nauseum in the media?

If you haven't heard of this story before you can read about here

Muslim teen fears for life after changing religion


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