Friday, April 23, 2010

On Religion and the US Army

Here's a quote from Richard

Actually, under the First Amendment to the US Constitution, we certainly should have a "secular goddam military" -- but we don't. Not as long as we have military preachers/priests/imams/reverends/etc., who are on the military payroll -- with all salaries coming from US tax monies. Until these military chaplains are forced to turn in their uniforms, we cannot claim a secular military.

One compromise (and I don't really whole-heartedly support compromises on religion, but -- you know -- baby steps) which may solve the Constitutionality issue would be to require that each religion with a desire to minister to (i.e., "lie to") our troops must provide its own shaman and have all expenses covered by that religion. The Southern Baptist Convention would have to pay salaries and all living expenses for preachers they want to "imbed" with our troops, the Vatican would pay all costs associated with building its chapels near (not on) Army bases, etc. Not one penny would come out of the US Treasury, and NONE of these religulous (thanks to Bill Maher for this word) people would be allowed to wear a US Military uniform.

...... just a little food for thought.

I wouldn't push this. It's not important to me. But I see where he is coming from. On the other hand if our troops want a chaplain shouldn't they be made available to them? If so then the chaplains should stay.


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