Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Malcolm X's Birthday

I have to say that I have a little more affinity for Malcolm X than I do for Martin Luther King Jr. Having to choose, I would have liked that Malcolm X, more than Martin Luther King Jr., more than JFK, more than Robert Kennedy, had been the man that was not assassinated.

Here's some clips of Malcolm X. But first let's start with Billie Holiday's Strange Fruit

Whenever I look at Malcolm X and think of the bull**** that existed I'm surprised, astonished really, at the lack of violence.

For all you defenders of Free Markets and Free Minds listen to this speach by Malcolm X. What a defense of limited government and an excoriation of the nanny state.


Peanut said...

"Whenever I look at Malcolm X ....."

I see Barack Hussein Obama.

The Classical Liberal said...

I don't see the resemblance. Look at the video above. "Obama" would be the first man speaking looking for "fair breaks" and handouts from the government.

Listen Malcolm X's response: "As long as someone is giving you something ..." you are not solving the problem.

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