Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2010 is Our Thermopylae

A very well stated post at RedState

On November 2, 2010, America’s Battle of Thermopylae will take place. This time, however, it is not the birth of Western Civilization that is at stake but, rather, whether we live as a free people, or succumb to the yoke of a government that does not care about the liberties that so many have fought and died for.

Over time, our nation’s children and the simple-minded have been brainwashed into believing that enslaving freedom is “social justice,” that the taking of liberty is “leveling the playing field,” and that individual rights are inferior to the will of the masses.
Our nation will either live free, or it will perish. There, what so many have thought and many have uttered has now been stated … openly and publicly. 2010. This is our Thermopylae.

redstate.com / 2010-is-americas-thermopylae/

I fear that too few people understand that Freedom and Government power, beyond very strict boundries, are mutually exclusive. Witness this comment to a NYTimes article

The basis of "liberalism" and the people who vote for politicians like Obama, however, is attitudes created when trying to solve particular practical problems. Hence, I believe the triumph of "liberalism" is inevitable. Rather than being an ideological movement "liberals" are people who recognize and try to address the complex governance problems arising out of the many different areas of social life where individual rationality results in collective irrationality. These kinds of problems are becoming larger and more complex and the need to use government as an important tool to address them is increasingly common. This increasing complexity will continue in spite of all the anger and failed attempts to insist on "smaller government".

Goverment is not going to become smaller and that is a good thing. Libertarian consevatism is a very dangerous illusion. As much fun as it would be to have Rand Paul to argue with at a dinner party, it would be a tragedy to have a person that committed to such a simplistic ideology in the US Senate. Libertarians really believe that wealth is created by individuals and that the legal and ethical basis of our lives together should be recognizing and protecting the rights of these wealth creating individuals to enjoy the fruits of their efforts. Sounds good in theory, but it is not so great in practice. I have lived in societies where a large proportion of what wealth there is really is created by individuals. They are called peasant societies, and they are very, very poor. I am going to happily stick to living in a society where all the wealth is created socially and it is therefore perfectly appropriate to democractically steer some of that wealth toward collective ends. It is a lot better than grinding poverty.

The Agony of the Liberals By ROSS DOUTHAT

Or, what about this one:

Let's see; The Dems. under President Obama, are passing economic reform and cleaning up the Repukelican Recession/ Depression. The Dems., under President Obama, are fixing the worst healthcare system of any developed nation. The Dems. under President Obama, passed laws to stop credit card companies from gouging consumers. The Dems. under President Obama, are getting our troops out of the unecessary war of lies in Iraq and completing the war against Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Dems. under President Obama, ended the ban on stem cell research, signed the equal pay act, enacted the toughest anti-smoking laws the country has ever seen, issued the toughest ethics regulations and transparency guidelines of any president at any time in history, and got a liberal Hispanic woman confirmed to the Supreme Court. Yeah right wingers I can see there’s no appeal here. Question: What did AWOL IDIOT LIAR BOY Bush accomplish?

Washington Times


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