Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sarah Palin is about as sharp as a wet balloon.

Nancy Pelosi's keen intelligence and profound understanding of Keynesian theory has led her to proclaim that unemployment insurance stimulates the economy and help lead us out of our economic malaise.

Meanwhile "sharp as a wet balloon" Palin thinks that the more the government grows, the more it takes through taxes, the less the private sector will grow jobs. Nancy is smart because she knows that government knows best. Palin is "hollow, dim and mean." Is there anyone who advocates free markets who would not be so smeared? Wouldn't I be so labeled if I was foolish enough to run for office.

I would rather have someone with a more accomplished resume than Palin but if Obama and Pelosi are the left's idea of intelligent and competent then I would rather have Palin.

Palin's a strategic thinker. Laugh if you will. But look at the end run she did when the left was trying to ruin her financially and destroy her political career by tieing her down with frivilous lawsuits. She did the unimaginable - she resigned her position as Governor. The left laughed with glee. One year later she is more powerful than she was before.

She has courage. She grows stronger the more she is attacked. Unlike the current occupant of the White House Sarah Palin rises to the occassion. This is a useful, and not irrelevant, trait.

Some say that Palin brings on and deserves all of the scorn she gets; and that she is a dangerous demagogue. I would answer this by saying that the media is trying a new tact. At first Palin was simply laughed at - now she is being portrayed as a dangerous demagogue. So Sarah Palin is a demagogue but Barack Obama isn't? Take another look at the Obama imagry, an idoltry reminisent of the smartest regimes of the last century: Hitler, Stalin, Mao and the other dear leaders of our time.


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