Monday, February 6, 2012

The Multicultural Left takes on the Evil Mormons

How predictable. Now the Anti-Mormon articles start coming out. "Mormons are a cult." "They’re crazy." "Mormons are racist." And all these articles will be coming from the pro-multicultural hypocrites in the MSM. I guess we're all equal and good when it's to their advantage.
Here are some quotes from a New Republic article: Why Mitt Romney Needs To Talk Openly About His Mormon Faith
The essential question, from the perspective of many voters, concerns the very nature of Mormonism, an upstart religion born in western New York in 1830 and persecuted for much of the nineteenth century.
If you can’t get your side excited about their candidate, how about quelling the enthusiasm on the other side.
What ought to interest us about Romney’s faith are not the vagaries of Mormon theology, fascinating as they are, but how he understands that theology, how his faith informs the way he lives, his sense of responsibility toward others and how that might affect the way he governs.
Yeah. And the asked the same question about Obama and how his faith might affect the way he governs.
Then we have this stupidity:
Although Mormons are hardly the only group that claims to be the “true” religion, how does that teaching inflect Romney’s notions about pluralism and toleration?
The initial clause gives the author an out but the second clause shows where the author is leading us. Mormons are “scary.” They are intolerant. Of course the same accusation could be made of the author. Muslims think their religion is the true religion; as do Jews and Christians. In fact ALL the major religions think so. That being the case – what is the point of the author?
Is there any doubt that this will be the dirtiest presidential election in modern history?


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