Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Tea Party is Dead

The Tea Party is dead and no longer has any influence, or so I hear from my liberal friends and is so pronounced in the media.  And yet Mia Love won in Utah, Deb Fisher in Nebraska, Mourdock beat Lugar in Indiana and now Thomas Massie has won his primary race in Kentucky. The Club for Growth, the Tea Party and  lesser known PACs such as Liberty for All united to beat the Republican establishment’s candidate.    It makes me wonder if Ted Cruz is going to win his primary in Texas.

I love how the MSM keeps telling everyone that the Tea Party is dead, last year’s news, and that OWS is the future of American democracy. I hope they keep pushing  that line right up to November.  Then they can sit around wonder how an idiot like Sarah Palin has added two more mama grizzlies to her list of successes.

We know the answer the media will give for their failure – Americans are stupid. Of course we are, stupidity is the only reason there’s been push back to liberal ideas. If we were smart we would be like France or Greece.


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