Friday, September 14, 2012

Obama's Abandonment of the 1st Amendment

It's All Quiet on the Western Front. Not a word from our President, nor our Secretary of State nor any of our ambassadors, nor the news media about Freedom of Speech.

I've heard apologies, explanations that the US government is not at fault, denunciations of Mitt Romney for daring to criticize the Obama government's foreign policy but not one word in defense of Freedom of Speech.

Have you seen the film? It's a low budget Monty Python spoof on Islam. It deserves harsher criticism for being a bad film than it does repudiation for hurting someone's sensibilite. (Thanks Hillary).

In case you haven't seen it here's the movie "Innocence of Muslims":

Here's Hillary Clinton's statement. Where's the defense of Freedom of Speech? The movie's purpose, she said, was cynical and intended to provoke rage. I wonder, what was her reaction to Andres Serrano's "Piss Christ"? or Dung-Covered Madonna at the Brooklyn Museum?

This awful pathetic movie stirred up outrage; shouldn't this be a "teachable" moment. Shouldn't we be saying to the muslim world that freedom of thought and expression must be allowed? Shouldn't we be asking the muslim world if their response to this movie was not ... oh, just a little-bit over the top? Shouldn't we be saying that respect goes two ways and that they too (the Muslim world) should respect religious minorities and atheists?

Ms. Clinton. Mr Obama. Where is your defense of Freedom of Speech? Where is your defense of freedom of thought and expression?


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