Thursday, October 4, 2012

Romeny Ahead in the Polls (or soon will be)

And now the pundits will say that the election turned on this debate. No. Romney was already winning but he is now cementing the deal. I think that the Chicago machine threw everything they had this past summer in order to discredit Romney. I think they have only two cards left in their hand: the race card (Republicans are racists) and Mormons are a cult (with a racist past).

I think the Dems will try to depress the evangelical and catholic vote through push-polls and articles (can't trust a mormon - they're weird with magic underwear) and try to energize the black and latino vote with generic "republicans are racist" tactics.

I hope these tactics don't work - they still may. But we are seeing the end of this game. With more and more elected black and latino republicans this meme is coming to an end.


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