Friday, September 25, 2009

Comments on a Comment

The following comes from a comment following a Wall Street Journal article.

The Republicans are dead meat.

They reject government involvement in the private market place but accept religous involvement in government.

They reject govt. monopolies, but endorse, accept, and defend private monopolies that strip consumers of their wealth, and impose massive taxes and efficiency losses on this nation.

They impose massive costs on the electorate in terms of a war on terror yet defend the ownership of nearly automatic weapons.

They impose massive costs on taxpayers for their war on drugs, and yet they allow doctors the freedom to write fraudulent scrip for addictive drugs.

They talk about the evil nature of government, but not one of them will give up their job, reduce their benefits, or cut their retirement, in order to shrink the size of government.

The Republican Party is a walking, talking, contradiction.

Wow! I suppose this makes sense to some people.


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