Thursday, September 24, 2009

Progressives are Statists

Progressives / modern liberals / leftists have done much good in the social sphere, namely women and minority rights. However it is the progressive love affair with statism that is its biggest problem and why it is becoming indestiguishable from Socialism.

Obama is actually on record saying "the Constitution is fundamentally flawed"  It is fundamentally flawed for progressives because the founding fathers understood that too much government power, especially federal power, corrupts everyone and everything it touches. We see that very clearly today.

Obama, and other progressives, have no problem subverting the constitution at every turn while furthering their agenda of centralizing power in their hands.  The way to fight back is to stress the constitution - notice how little of it is actually taught in schools today; notice how rarely it is quoted in the esteemed main-stream media. 

A lot of people who align themselves with the statist left; who are truly opposed to an overreaching government -- especially in foreign affairs -- can be reached by pushing the cause of local government over that up-high federal solutions; what we who love the constitution call "States Rights." I don't think we should push the phrase states rights too strongly because it was the rallying cry of Southern Racists for too many years. Reclaiming that phrase is another battle that can be fought concurrently with devolving Federal Power under the cause of strengthening local government.


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