Thursday, September 17, 2009

Examples of Confusing Liberalism with Liberty

The following comes from a post following a TNR article on Ayn Rand and the Republican Party. [Wealthcare] September 14,2009
...Reardon wouldn’t waste time with political concerns when there is clearly no threat to his well-being – we don’t live in an authoritarian communist state, and liberals don’t aspire to create one (hence the term liberal, or free). ...

Sorry Charlie but the modern liberal is more socialist than he is a classical liberal. When was the last time you heard a liberal argue for deregulation? A regulation is a shackle, some good, many bad and most simply irrelevant except for the annoyance involved in acceeding to them. Liberals may not want to live in an authoritarian state but by their actions they are surely pushing us there.

An example is the push for "Fat Taxes." How does government regulation and punishment for being fat conform with the concept of "liberal, or free"


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