Monday, October 5, 2009

Bush Hatred

There is a blindness in people, especially partisans, where they think the best of those they are temporarily aligned with and the worse of their politican enemies. I'm not saying anything new here but it comes to mind as I have discussions with otherwise intelligent people regarding the "current political discourse." They seem to think that the animosity towards Obama is frighting and unparallelled since the Kennedy assassination, or the Rabin assassination in Israel. And yet they forget the animosity towards Bush.

I'm told that the animosity towards Bush was over policy. Well can't the same be said about those opposing Obama? In addition Obama polls considerably higher than do his policy objectives. This was true 6 months ago when his approval was in the 60s and even before he was elected. Obama is a likeable guy.

To those who say the left was nowhere as despicable, nowhere as disrespectful, nowhere as hateful as the right is today I have a few photos for you. I pulled most of them from


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