Thursday, October 1, 2009

Infant Mortality

Bad United States Bad. We have higher rates of infant mortality than in the EU. Why is that? Can it be explained by something aside from the fact that the US does not have socialized medicine?

The US tabulates every birth, illegal-immigrant and citzen, even in poor and remote areas. Is France including the infant deaths in the banlieus? I think not.

France is a wonderfully advanced country, especially in comparison to fat, ignorant Americans. France, as it is said, has a larger percentage of its population going to higher education. Of course the US counts the entire population and France ignores those that are not on college track.

So, as with the infant mortality issue, it is a fradulent comparison. To those devotes of the NYTs how do you explain this. Is it deception on the part of the media or ignorance?


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