Thursday, October 1, 2009

Euroscepticism, A great article

I despise the way the European Union is going. It's a tyranny waiting to happen.

From The Independent:
It is natural for anyone who cherishes the democratic process to lament that their chances of having any contact with their MEP – or even knowing who he or she is – is about as great as winning the National Lottery. And it says little for the incorruptibility of this great European institution that its reaction to having the whistle blown on its own finances was to sack the brave woman – its own chief accountant – who exposed the malpractice. Neither would a true democrat rely on that tired old line that Euroenthusiasts still trot out: that we had a referendum on Europe, and we voted "yes". That vote was in 1975, which means that no one under the age of 52 had the chance to participate; and it was, in any case, on membership of the European Economic Community, whose name alone should be sufficient to suggest that we are talking about a very different body to that European Union whose advances we seem powerless to resist.

But above all, it is the EU's attitude towards democracy itself that we should question. Why is Ireland having a second referendum? The answer is that like the Danes before them, at the time of Maastricht, they voted on a treaty: and they gave the wrong answer.

I especially like the part Labour liking the problem. That's politicians for you. There is no care about the issue at hand, only that it causes problems to their adversary.

Is it just like the Republicans and Medicare? No. Not quite.


Elizabeth said...

I fear the day our government will try to join or create something like the EU. The UN is quite too much already.

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