Saturday, January 16, 2010

If Coakley was a Republican she would be made a laughing stock.

If Coakley was a Republican she would be made a laughing stock on the MSM. There would be 24 hours a day replays of her gaffs. And people call Sarah Palin stupid?

If Palin is stupid then so is Coakley. If Coakley is not stupid then how could anyone call Palin stupid?

Again, let me state that if Coakley was a Republican she would be made into a laughing stock.

FIRST, she says that there were no terrorists in Afghanistan the same week when 8 CIA analysts were killed by a suicide bomber; THEN she says she understands international relations because relatives live abroad and she talks with them; THEN she says that actually shaking hands with voters at Fenway is a bad idea; THEN she has TV ads where they misspell Massachusetts; THEN she considers all Catholics as unfit for ER jobs and describes a First Amendment Right - the Freedom of Religion - as "some law" and NOW, she dismisses Curt Shilling as a "Yankee Fan."

For those unfamiliar with baseball. Curt Shilling was a singularly important part of the Boston Red Sox getting to, and winning the World Series in 2004. This may seem unimportant, but it was a key event in Massachusetts, even non-baseball fans were aware that something important was happening. Boston was breaking "The Curse." Curt Shilling was one of the heroes of the day. A few years have passed; Curt Shilling is now a Republican activist and Coakley in an inane attempt in criticizing Shilling calls him a "Yankee Fan." See the interview. She doesn't seem to understand what she's saying.

Let's state this again. If she was a Republican the MSM would be cutting her to shreds and the meme "Republicans are stupid" would once again be filling the airwaves.


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