Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Problem with Roe v Wade

The problem with Roe v Wade is that it's become a catch phrase to mean abortion on demand. Even Attorney Generals who are nitpicky in some areas have accepted this wider definition. Listen to Martha Coakley below.

In talking about a bill that would allow Emergency Room personnel to chose not to provide contraceptives to rape victims because, as Catholics, it would be against their religion Coakley responds:

"If people believe that they don’t want to provide services that are required under the law and under Roe v Wade that they can individually not follow the law. ..."  (At .22 seconds below.)

There are plenty of problems with Roe v Wade, and even more in people's interpretations of it. Regardless of any interpretation Roe v Wade does NOT require that physicians or Emergency Room personnel provide contraceptives to rape victims or anyone else.


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