Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pat Robertson, Haiti and The Pact with the Devil

So Pat Robertson blames the earthquake in Haiti on the Devil. That's silly, stupid and offensive. The Haitian Amabassador goes on the Rachel Meadow show and comments on what Robertson said. The sad thing about the ambassador's response was that he NEVER refuted Pat Robertson. He goes into irrelevant tangents about the Louisiana Purchase and Simon Bolivar leading the revolutions against Spain; that the expansion of the US and the freedom of Latin America are results from the Haitian Revolution.

I looked around and almost without exception I see condemnation of Pat Robertson, well deserved by the way, and little comment regarding the Haitian's ambassador non-response. Rachel Maddow, with all her sass and snark, missed it as she described the Haitian ambassador, Raymond Joseph, as having "extreme exception" with the Pat Robertson comment.

She also purposely misrepresented Pat Robertson by saying that he blamed the earthquake on their slave revolt in the 1700s. He didn't blame it on the slave revolt -- he blamed it on their Pact with the Devil. A not so subtle difference for so "sophisticated" a commentator such as Rachel Maddow.

Looking around at blogs I found this: Balk writing at The Awlwrote the

"response by Haitian ambassador Raymond Joseph is so perfect—direct, intelligent, filled with more history in one minute than pretty much anything you see on most news programs all evening—that it deserves as much currency as it can get. It's a shame that we live in a world where something like this is both necessary and remarkable, but there you are."

You've seen the video. You decide. Did the ambassador address the remark by Pat Robertson?


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