Sunday, February 14, 2010

Carbs Will Help You Loose Weight

For those of you in the sciences, especially those in academia, who are wondering why there seems to be an anti-academic and anti-scientific sentiment in the air you need to look no further than the media.

In big bold letters it is pronounced that scientific studies show that "Coffee is bad." A few years later it is pronounced that
Coffee is good." Eggs are declared bad. Then good. Studies show that carbs are the cause of weight gain. Then studies show that carbs are good.

If you want science to be respected again then you have to take on the media and their sensationalizing isolated studies. Yes it's nice when they promote your cause but when they do it stupidly -- as communication majors who don't know F=MA from mitochondria are wont to do -- then your position gets lost in all the bullshit.


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