Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dopes in Chains, was Hope and Change

Here's a rant by a clear-minded Democrat.

What’s become obvious is that the Democrats are unfit to rule this country. America, as it is today, needs a leader that reflects the people. Fat. greedy, lazy, under-educated, racist, bigoted, culturally unaware, hateful of other countries and subject to mind-erasing by Rush, Glen and a few carefully planted, Rovian jingoistic phrases. Good job America. Hope and Change are dead. We now return you to your monster truck program. Republicans, it’s your show again. Dumb ‘er down.

Because I'm for free minds, free bodies and free markets and refuse to bow down either to socialists or islamists I must be "racist, bigoted" and "culturally unaware". Thanks for pointing that out to me.


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