Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Most Important Phone Number of All (for Americans)

See if you can remember this phone number 10-4-3-4-1-1-1. (yes I know 10 isn't a typical phone number).

I was having a conversation with a high school kid and was appalled that she barely knew the US Constitution, even though she was taking a "Constitution" course. She knew about robber barons and Jim Crow but close to nothing about the Constitution. I explained how easy it was to grasp. It's in 7 parts: the first deals with the power of the legislature (that's the Congress), the second with the executive (the President), third the judicial branch (the Courts). What else would the framers need to consider? The States and their relation with the Federal Government; the fifth Article deals with how to make changes to the Constitution (the Amendments); the sixth Article is about pre-existing debts and obligations owed by the states and clearly states that the US Constitution is supreme over all state laws. Finally the seventh and last Article deals with how the existing states were to ratify this constitution.

Do you remember the phone number?

It's a mnemonic to help remember the US Constitution. There are seven Articles in the US Constitution and each Article in the Constitution is made up of Sections. Ten in the first and so on.

What's the phone number again?

If you want to challenge Socialists, and their gentler breathrens Progressives and Liberals you need to know the Constitution.


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