Monday, February 15, 2010

Global Warming, Scientific Hoaxes

Here's some more BS about Global Warming data which I wasn't aware before this article, World May Not Be Warming, Say Scientists :

The doubts of Christy [ professor of Atmospheric Science at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and a former lead author on the IPCC ] and a number of other researchers focus on the thousands of weather stations around the world, which have been used to collect temperature data over the past 150 years.

These stations, they believe, have been seriously compromised by factors such as urbanisation, changes in land use and, in many cases, being moved from site to site.

For instance:

Some [data collection stations] are next to air-conditioning units or are on waste treatment plants. One of the most infamous shows a weather station next to a waste incinerator. ...

[There are other examples such as a] weather station at Rome airport, which catches the hot exhaust fumes emitted by taxiing jets.

In Britain, a weather station at Manchester airport was built when the surrounding land was mainly fields but is now surrounded by heat-generating buildings.

If anthropogenic global warming was true there wouldn't be all this bullshit. The scientists who included this data, knowing it was compromised, make a mockery of themselves and taint the reputations of scientists everywhere.

One of the posters replying to the article wrote this hilarious spoof:
I have a theory. This could possibly happen sometime in the future. A large majority, sat 3/4's of all automobiles on earth, are pointed in the same direction, say east for example, when they simultaneously accelerate! This could cause the earth's rotation to increase suddenly and offset the natural timing of earths clocks causing chaos among the animal kingdom thereby turning night into day and summer into winter! This must not be allowed to happen! I will be accepting grants and donations and maybe even a Nobel Prize so I may quit my job and dedicate myself fulltime to do more research into this earth destroying disaster that may or may not be happen. No applause , please just cash or checks thank you.

Thank you Gregory Levitzki. That was an excellent comment.

How about this scenario? Some status hungry, multi-billionaire decides to build the biggest building in the world. In doing so he puts so much weight in one small area of the planet that he knocks the earth out of its orbit causing the Earth to plummet into the sun.


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