Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bill Randall (NC-13)

Growing up in New Orleans’ (LA) lower 9th ward taught him the important connection between government integrity, personal industriousness and the achievement of a better life. He believes that politicians that ignore and devastate their voters’ dreams do not deserve a place in our government - they fail one of our Republic and Founding Fathers’ main beliefs - putting the people’s rights and needs first.

Bill Randall knows first-hand about the devastating impact caused by government programs and politicians, who advance themselves with empty lies and false hopes. He saw how this frustrated and pushed people down, forced a reliance on government food stamp and family assistance programs, and did not improve quality of life, pride, morale and genuine jobs.

Rather than succumb to this negative environment, Bill Randall emerged with a keen appreciation for a loving family, sincerity, true promises, a free market economy, military service and ownership of decisions impacting life, family, career and advancement by personal initiatives.

Randall For Congress

I wonder, is the Congressional Black Caucus and the NAACP rooting for Bill Randall over Brad Miller,his white opponent? No, I didn't think so. I hate group-identity politics with a passion but I hate the hypocrisy and the slimy, bigoted practice of smearing opponents with the "R" word. Yeah it works, but it's pathetic and when it doesn't work anymore all the edifices built upon this sh*+ will come tumbling down.


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