Thursday, September 23, 2010

Loretta Sanchez: "Vietnamese and Republicans are trying to take away this seat"

The Vietnamese and the Republicans are, with an intensity, trying to take away this seat, this seat that we have done so much for our community take away this seat from us and give it to this Van Tran, who's very anti-immigrant and very anti-Latino.

We always hear that the Republicans are divisive and fear-mongering. What do you think the media response would have been if a sitting Republican Congressman had uttered the phrase the "Hispanics and Democrats are trying to take away this seat." I think the "divisive" spin would be on 24-7.

I wonder how long it will be before the MSM plays this clip again and again while calling Loretta Sanchez "divisive."

In case it matters Van Thai Tran was born in Saigon in 1964 and came to the US a week before the fall of Saigon. Yeah, he's anti-immigrant.


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