Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Politico: Black GOP hopefuls could boost ranks – to one

The Republican Party has nominated 14 black House candidates this year, an unusually high number for a party that doesn’t currently have any black members in its congressional ranks. “There’s been a perception that the black community is a monolithic thinking, looking and voting community, and when people see the average black person, they assume that we all voted for Obama,” said Timothy Johnson, chairman of the conservative Frederick Douglass Foundation.

That headline isn't too snarky now is it? How about this headline:

Female Hispanic Republican Gubernatorial hopefuls could boost nation's ranks - to one.

(Susana Martinez for Governor of New Mexico)
or how about

Child of Sihk Immigrants could boost nation's ranks - to one.

(Nikki Haley is running for Governor of South Carolina)


Vietnamese GOP hopefuls could boost nation's ranks - to one.

(Van Tran is running for Congress in California)

Nice, objective headline guys.


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