Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm an Extremist

The left calls people like me "extremists." For the moment let's leave to another conversation how we determine and what we consider to be extreme. Let's look at the following statement:

"The bigger the majority, the easier it is to advance an agenda, especially if it includes some of the GOP's more divisive priorities such as school vouchers, court system changes or a constitutional spending lid."

Missouri House may gain more GOP members

You may be for or against school vouchers but is this truly an extreme position? How about passing a law saying that the state can't spend more than it takes in? These ideas are what some people consider to be extreme. If balancing the state's checkbook is extreme then I'm an extremist.


Anonymous said...

You have more faith in politicians than I do. Yes, it is easier for the majority to advance political agenda but all politicians fall prey to the lobbyist's dollar. I don't see the Republicans following through with any on their promises. School vouchers were an issue between January 20, 2001 January 20, 2009. Why wasn't anything done then?

The TP influence may help keep spending in check but it will be interesting to see if they too join the ranks of millionaires leaving political power, all of whom just happened to have "invested wisely".

The Classical Liberal said...

Good points rctlfy

Maybe I'm an optimist. I hope against hope that a spirit of limit government will be rekindled in the United States - and by that I mean, as you can guess, more than simply keeping spending in check.

Will the Tea Party be part of the rebirth. I hope so, I've heard the constitution mentioned more in the last two years than in the previous twenty. I am hopeful that many social conservatives now realize that they will need to convince people to join them rather than using the power of government to enforce their moral values and, in so doing, help rollback progressive/socialist expansion of the state.

Regarding School Vouchers many unionists/statists regard them as an existential threat. It will not be easy to change the school system from the present union run bureaucratic nightmare to one where teachers and school exist in the free market.

Too many people equate the free market with wage slavery and other nonsense. School vouchers is not extreme but it will replace the existing system with something else and that scares people.

Anonymous said...

And so am I

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