Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October 2 Rally in Washington

Reuters portrays the rally as such:

(Reuters) - Tens of thousands of people rallied near the Lincoln Memorial in the U.S. capital on Saturday as liberal groups attempted to energize their base a month before pivotal congressional elections. ...

The rally was sponsored by unions, civil rights groups and liberal activists who have been struggling to get their messages heard during an election campaign in which media coverage has focused on voter anger over unemployment, a weak economy and government deficits.

Here are some photos from Director Blue

Why is it that the objective media always edit out the Socialist signs? Is it because these "liberal activists" are somewhat damaging to the image the media wants to put forth? After all, what's wrong with being a Socialist?

Isn't Keynesian "middle-of-the-road?"
Isn't higher taxes on the rich and ever more regulation "middle-of-the-road?"

What is the difference in policy objectives between those marching under the Socialist banner and progressives?


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