Wednesday, October 27, 2010

President Palin, The most terrifying words in the English Language

Funny, how promoting limited government equals a totalitarian state and that promoting more and more government control over ones life equals freedom.

And you think President Palin is stupid?

Olivia Wilde and what is it about individuality that scares you so much?


Reverend Severin said...

Nobody is scared of individuality or a more limited governtment. I've noticed you frequently opine about people who are enslaved to govt handouts and I won't act as if that isn't true (lots of fat needs to be trimmed and lots of fraud needs to be aggressively prosecuted). However, you need to take into consideration the people who receive govt benefits (ideally temporarily) for good reasons. My family has been on food stamps and it hasn't enslaved any of us on govt handouts. I just find it rather insensitive to assume people who advocate for govt safety nets are "enslaved by govt cheese." It's a complex issue and making the necessary cuts is difficult. I hardly ever hear actual substantive policy ideas (that's all I ask for is IDEAS, in the abstract) to accompany calls for deficit reduction, lower govt spending and increased liberty. I'm sure many of this midterms candidates have good ideas, but Sarah Palin is not one of these people. Her main focus is to make money and after having quit her last political position, the words President Palin are the most terrifying words imagineable. I consider her so incompetent that I prefer just about ANY other Republican with a pulse.

The Classical Liberal said...

Actually I say very little about government handouts. Of all my complaints about a big, over-reaching government that is the least of my concerns.

I care about the US Government, particularly the Federal Government, doing more than what it is allowed to do. I care about people and congressmen who feel that the federal government can do whatever it wants to do.

I care about patronage, about sweet-heart contracts handed out for votes.

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