Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Candidates to Root for, as well as those to root against

I’ve been working on a list of which candidates I’m rooting for and why. It’s important that we get more than numbers, although numbers do count. Especially as we are now seeing articles that say that the “realistic baseline” for this year, due to structural conditions, would be a Democratic loss of 45 seats. Of course we are then meant to forget the political posturing of Nancy Pelosi, several NYT writers and numerous others saying that the Democrats would hold the House this year.

Remove Socialist Candidates from office:
What counts more than numbers is the change of personnel. Of all the Democrats there are some that I want to lose more than others. The more socialist the candidate is, the more committed the candidate is to promoting state control and, almost as a corollary, destroying the constitution by ignoring the limits placed upon the legislature, the more I want that individual to lose. The Congressional Progressive Caucus is a good measure of the far left in this country. The more CPC members that lose, the better.

A socialist replaced by a free-market capitalist changes the system more than if a Blue-Dog is replaced by a RINO. Barney Frank going down is a huge turnover; so is Kucinich. Grayson going down is less of a turnover simply because he doesn't have seniority but it's still huge.

Furthermore the addition of free market activists will create – hopefully create – a free-market voting bloc that must be accounted for.

Time to end the “Republicans are Racist” meme.
I want the meme that Republicans are racist to end. It is divisive in the worst of ways and allows socialists to continue the argument, unchallenged, that anything other than socialism is racist. We need to break this meme and the related narratives such as: proponents of limited-government are racist. The way to destroy that is to elect Black and Hispanic and Asian Republican representatives and governors. Then we can better focus on the issue at hand, the conflict between state control and individual freedom.

Sweet, Sweet Justice
Another category is one which I call “Sweet, Sweet Justice.” There are some people who are simply odious and it would be sweet if they were simply removed from the halls of power. Frank and Grayson are two of these as are Eddie Bernice Johnson (she of scholarship fame); and Phil Hare (IL-17) who “doesn’t worry if it’s in the Constitution” and Raul M. Grijalva, (AZ-7) a four-term congressman from Arizona who became nationally known for calling for a boycott of his state after Gov. Jan Brewer signed Arizona’s immigration law. Not surprisingly each of these incumbents is in the Congressional Progressive Caucus. The one major name in this category that is not on this list is Nancy Pelosi.

There is one last category of candidate: advocates of limited, constitutional government who have been vilified by the national press and targets of the DNC and other groups. Michelle Bachmann, Marco Rubio and Susan Angle are three that come to mind. Rand Paul would have been part of this list if his race had remained close. Think of this group as Sweet, Sweet Justice Part II.

The actual list of candidates will come in following posts.


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