Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Races to Root For: Governors

Aside from rooting for generic reasons that Republicans *are supposedly* more free-market, limited, constitutional government than Democrats and that we're at a crossroad in this country I am rooting for the following Republican candidates for governor. I must reiterate that, until this year, I have never rooted for Republicans.

Rick Scott (FL)
I like Scott in Florida: one to punish Crist and two because his running mate is a Trinidadian immigrant: Jennifer Carroll. Other than that I haven't really seen a reason to particularly root for him. But, then again, I didn't foresee how great Chris Christie would be.

Susana Martinez (NM)
She seems to be for limited government, and as a Hispanic, will help break the idiotic meme: Republicans are Racist.

Brian Sandoval (NV)
Same as for Susana Martinez plus it might take down the potential of the Reid family dynasty. Is there anything more disgusting than a dynastic claim to office?

Tom Tancredo (CO)
He seems!? to be committed to limited government, for closing the border to illegal immigration and his opponent, Hickenlooper, is terrible.

Jan Brewer (AZ)
She deserves to stay after that nonsense with Obama, the justice department and the media over the state immigration policy.

Some states, such as Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania matter for political reasons: such as redistricting and the 2012 Presidential Elections, but aside from the premise that we need to take down the progressive/socialist infrastructure and force the Democrats to kick this wing of their party to the side in order to survive as a political force, I see little reason to be enthused about their victories.

I haven't figured out whether I really care who wins California. They may need to be smacked up side the head some more with their idiotic socialist policies. California needs to sink, not be bailed out, declare bankruptcy and then renegotiate their labor contracts.


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