Thursday, November 11, 2010

Obama Administration: Opposed to repealing DADT

Isn't this a treat: Obama campaigned against DADT and now his administration is presenting an argument in the US Supreme Court (Log Cabin Republicans v. United States, 10A465) that Obama should not be forced by the court to sign an executive order eliminating DADT but that instead the law needs to be changed by Congress.

Now, I agree with this -- but since when has Obama thought that way? He hasn't. It is just convenient for him to argue this point today. Yesterday he agreed with Florida Court overturning the Florida Secretary of State in 2000 elections. Tomorrow he'll reverse himself when it comes to abortion, or illegal immigration, or people eating greasy food.

One thing that the media doesn't explore is: What does it mean to repeal DADT? Will homosexuality once again to be considered a mental disease with the military having a right, and obligation, to find and discharge homosexuals from their ranks? Too many people forget that DADT was a major advancement.

OK, let's assume that repealing DADT (which prohibits the military from finding and revealing the sexual prference of closeted homosexuals) means that the gay and lesbian community can openly serve in the all parts of the US military. Since DADT was an executive decision made by the Clinton Administration why is it all of a sudden a legislative or judicial issue and not an executive one? Once again, Barack Obama, who voted present on almost every controversial pieces of legislation, has chosen to pass the buck. Aren't you glad YOU voted for him?


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