Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Races to Root For: Senators

There are some clear choices here:

Ron Johnson (WI)
It’s ironic that Feingold, who is possibly the most independent member of the Senate, a Mr. Clean who votes against his party regularly, is among the incumbents in the most danger from an anti-Washington voter rebellion. Especially since Johnson is not all that impressive. Unless you like Ayn Rand and are yearning to see the country run just like a plastics business.
Elections: Oshkosh Shrugged
Published: October 22, 2010

Well, since I’m a fan of Ayn Rand, yes sir this would be a great and wonderful change. By the way Gail, did you think this was simply an anti-incumbant, anti-Washington voter rebellion? I certainly hope it’s not. I’m hoping that it is a constitutionally-minded small-government, free-market rebellion rising up against the forces of an ever-encroaching, government-knows-best mentalite. And, that being the case, Russ Feingold definitely must go.

Marco Rubio (FL)
Definitely a rising star. He may be great: he says the right things, the left is terrified of him gaining a national stage.

Sharon Angle (NV)
If she is truly for the elimination of the Veterans Agency and privatise veteran health care! WOW!!!! Go Sharon. And she would replace Harry Reid. OMG.

Carly Fiorina (CA)
She seems good and she would take out Barbara "Call Me Senator" Boxer.

Rand Paul (KY)
Seems interesting. Would be good to have a free-market gadfly in the Senate.


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