Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dan Benishek takes on Bart Stupak

Meet the doctor who symbolizes the nationwide rebellion against Obamacare.

His name is Dan Benishek. He’s a 57-year-old surgeon from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and he’s never held political office at any level. He announced on March 15 that he was running as a Republican for Michigan’s First Congressional District - that’s Bart Stupak’s district, in case you were wondering.

Today Benishek is a rising political force and an Internet phenomenon who could upset the balance of power in Washington, D.C.

Six days after Benishek announced his candidacy, he was handed an unexpected gift by Stupak, the Democrat who vowed to fight publicly funded abortion in Obamacare. Stupak stepped to the podium that fateful Sunday afternoon in front of a live national TV audience and announced he would support Obamacare with nothing but a meaningless executive order as his cover.

The congressman’s capitulation made Benishek a nationwide sensation.

Within 24 hours, he boasted 20,000 Facebook “friends.”

Within 48 hours, Benishek had raised $50,000 in online donations.

“No way is he [Stupak] going to win,” said Benishek. “I’m going to beat him. Actually, he beat himself by doing that dramatic flip-flop. He could have been a hero.”

Bart Stupak meets his match, Boston Herald

I don't know anything about Benishek outside of what's on his website. danbenishekforcongress.com I hope there's something to the man.


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