Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Final Push for Health Care is on.

I can't say anything about the healthcare bill that other opponents haven't already said. I think much of the legislation over the last century is unconstitutional so I am but a lunatic voice on the fringe. Still, I ask, where in the powers granted Congress does one find the power enumerated for any Progressive Era legislation; or the New Deal; or the Great Society; or for what is currently being done? I don't find it.

This bill is one more step toward the infantiling of America; of turning a society based upon individual rights, with government as protector of those rights, into a society where government parcels out privileges to the favored of the day.

We are now becoming subject to a new crown -- and, to our everlasting infamy -- we voted it in. We are quickly going from the "land of the free and the home of the brave" to dopes in chains.

Is there anything that can be done? Only one at this stage and that is to write -- I mean it -- innundate your Representative with emails and faxes opposing the current health care bill. If nothing else write: "I'm against this health care bill and I vote." Don't forget to write to Representatives in neighboring districts (even states) and remind them that you will campaign against them this fall if they vote for this bill.

You can get a list of representatives; their districts and their websites at: If you're not sure which district you're in you can find state maps at and see which district you're in.

I warn you. You may get a little frustrated with your Representative's website. Some of them are are not as simple to send a message as they ought to be.


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