Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Ends Justify the Means.

Is there any doubt that the means by which this bill was passed was a case of the ends justifying the means; from the pay-offs to the fact that NO ONE, not any of the Representatives or Senators, nor even the President of the United States knows what’s in this bill. AND YET the bill must be passed.

Commentators demand that it be passed and yet they don’t know what’s in this bill. Why then are these people so committed to the bill being passed? Because all its supporters know that power is being accumulated by the Federal Government and this, they think, is good for them and good for the country.

Years ago there was a saying that “What’s good for GM is good for America.” That was a perverted concept; now we have the sentiment that “What’s good for the government is good for America.” If this is not a perversion of the Declaration of Independence, of the United States Constitution I don’t know what is.


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