Saturday, March 27, 2010

Huffington Post: 'Anti-Incumbent Tide' Threatens Republicans, Too

Well lets hope so; especially if the Republicans included in the Anti-Incumbant tide are Senators such as Robert F. Bennett of Utah

I love the spin put forward by the Huffington Post that this anger is simply "anti-incumbant." Let's see in November how many Republicans are voted out versus the number of Democrats. If it's simply anti-incumbant Republicans should be voted out in the same proportion as Democrats.

I've always hated the concept of "Better the Devil you Know, then the Devil you Don't." I've always followed the principle of "Vote for the Challanger unless you are For the Incumbant:" meaning you should be able to articulate why are for the incumbant. If you cannot come up with reasons why you are for him then vote him out.

Huffington Post: 'Anti-Incumbent Tide' Threatens Republicans
NYT: Political Tide Could Wash Away Utah Senator


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