Friday, March 26, 2010

Freedom: what is your definition?

Obama mocks the anguish that I, and others, feel.

For Obama and most “liberals” freedom means food in everyone’s belly and everyone being treated the same. My concept of freedom is owning my own body and my own property. You think freedom is only what other people – in realty government bureaucrats – let you have. You criticize the Republicans over Roe v Wade and yet pass laws requiring adults to wear seatbelts or helmets if riding a motorcycle. Sorry, it may make sense to wear seatbelts (I do) and wear a helmet (I do) but if you are a FREE man or FREE woman the choice is yours and yours alone. All other arguments to the contrary – namely cost to the society – are an infringement upon individual freedom and is the primary reason I’m against the health care bill. Now, under the guise of the healthcare, another wall protecting the individual from the government has been knocked down. Property rights – the basis of all freedom has already been destroyed and now you think nothing of turning over basic individual liberties to government fiat.

The basic premise of the social contract, the foundation of the US Constitution, was “I promise not to kill you and take your stuff if you promise not to kill me and take mine.” Welcome to the Counter-Enlightenment bliss of “I promise to give you room and board if you promise to prevent me from eating too many Twinkies.”


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